The Gillies Lake Weather Station

Gillies Lake Weather Station

The Gillies Lake weather station is located on top of the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority office building. The station was installed and began recording weather data May 1, 2010.

The weather station is a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro 2 Plus. It includes both UV and solar radiation sensors. The unit itself is powered by a small solar panel located on the mounting tripod. Weather data is sent every minute from the station on the roof to a data logger located inside the MRCA office which archives the information on a local server. The website gets updated every 5 minutes with weather information from the station.

The station also has a heater located within the rain collector that automatically turns on once the weather turns cold. This heater melts the snow in order to have preciptation readings during the winter months.

Station Location: 48° 28'42" N 81° 19'12" W
Station Elevation: 309 m

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