To calculate your 2023 taxes, please enter your property value in digits only (for example: 150000)

Assessed Value ($):

Residential Property
Commercial Occupied Property
Industrial Occupied Property

Here's how your taxes are allocated:

Departments Amount Allocated
Public Works, Roads, Engineering $
General Government $
Fire $
Parks and Recreation $
Transit $
Golden Manor $
Other $
Planning and Development $
Environmental Services $
Boards Amount Allocated
Police Services Board $
Cochrane DSSAB $
Library Board $
Porcupine Health Unit $
Timmins Economic Development Board $
Education Amount Allocated
Education $

Based on the 2023 tax rate and 2023 budget. This calculator provides estimates only. Tax bills containing your final tax amount are mailed out by the Tax Division, and may differ from those presented by this calculator. Due to variances in rounding, actual allocations may differ by pennies. Also, tax amount applies only to the assessed value referred to above and does not include any special charges and credit amounts or levies that are part of the capping calculation.